Welcome to ASGA!

We founded the American Student Government Association because, as former SG leaders and advisors, we know how hard it is to create an effective Student Government.

EvASGA-Lapel-Pin-Logoery SG has limited time, people-power, financial resources, and influence. Every SG faces challenges. ASGA provides resources to help you solve problems. Do you need to improve voter turnout? Do administrators respect you as much as you would like? Do students care about your SG? How do you get more students to run for office and vote in your elections? How do you maximize your term and make your SG the most effective it has ever been?

ASGA can help you build a more effective Student Government.

ASGA provides research, training, consulting, and support that can help you improve your Student Government.

Through the SG Database, ASGA members have access to thousands of documents and best practices from fellow SGs nationwide, allowing you to implement programs and services that have already proven effective at other schools. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can put your full effort into championing issues that matter to students while offering real and tangible benefits.

Staff_ButchO_2ASGA also has some of the top SG experts in America. When your group needs research to back up your initiatives, we’ll collect the data so you can concentrate on other matters. If you’re a brand-new advisor or a veteran juggling multiple roles, we can point you to mentors and provide tools and direction.

ASGA can help train your officers, members, and advisors. We can provide consulting support.

At our 11 Student Government conferences, you’ll learn so much about how to improve your Student Government. Via our social networks and Webinars, you’ll learn directly from your peers, building on each others’ successes and failures and leaning on each other for support.

You can brainstorm solutions to tough issues and form coalitions to tackle larger concerns. Along the way, ASGA will challenge you to keep improving and aiming higher.

Student Affairs professionals recognize that having a strong SG correlates with favorable student recruitment, higher retention rates, and more student involvement.

Your SG should join ASGA.

I will gladly give you a guided tour of ASGA’s member benefits. You really have to see ASGA in action to fully appreciate how much we can help your organization.

Thanks for visiting the ASGA web site. I hope you and your Student Government will join ASGA and we’ll see you at one of our Student Government training conferences!
W.H. “Butch” Oxendine, Jr.
Founder & Executive Director

E-mail: butch@asgaonline.com
Phone: 352-373-6907, ext. 103