Member Benefits

ASGA members get many tangible benefits.

All of your officers, members, and advisors will receive passwords to use ASGA’s resources here at the Web site. See below for a complete list of member benefits.

Access to SG Database

All of your officers, members, and advisors will have their own usernames and passwords to access all resources at and find information on every collegiate Student Government in America.

In the SG Database, search for officers, advisors, budgets, structures, publicity ideas, strengths and weaknesses, major accomplishments, goals, and more.

See thousands of constitutions and bylaws, finance codes, student activity fees, and structures. Find out which SG officers are paid, who has a full-time advisor, who has the higher election turnout, and more.

Conference Discounts

ASGA produces 11 Student Government training conferences nationwide each year (including the largest Student Government conference in America, the National Student Government Summit). ASGA members get $100 off per person at any of ASGA’s 10 conferences. They’re the most helpful and practical in the nation.

Free Consulting

ASGA members get one hour of private consulting by phone from one of ASGA’s experts. Members may get consulting help by e-mail at no charge throughout the year. Members also get discounts on private training, consulting, and analysis with The SG Consulting Group.

Free Research

ASGA will conduct research for you. Need to know what other Student Government budgets are? SG structures? Activity fees? Election turnout? Compensation for SG officers? ASGA can help you conduct research on issues so you can compare and contrast with similar institutions nationwide.

Step-by-Step Guides

In the SG Toolbox, you’ll get help on improving your meetings, recruiting more members, boosting your election turnout, getting students to care about your SG, and more.

Nationwide Networking

ASGA members communicate with thousands of other SG leaders and advisors through ASGA’s Facebook group (the largest Student Government Facebook group in the nation), ASGA’s Facebook page, Advisors Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and ASGA’s SG Database, which includes contacts for student leaders and administrators at every college and university in the nation.

These additional benefits are also included in your ASGA Membership:

Unlimited access to the SG Article Library

Search more than 1,000 SG-related articles from Student Leader magazine and its sister publication Florida Leader, as well as many ASGA-exclusive and Web-only articles.

Unlimited access to SG-related links

Search nearly 1,000 organizations, groups, and services that can help your Student Government. The links are classified to make it easy for you to find what you need.

Pro-bono legal and lobbying advice

Members can set up complimentary consultations with skilled and knowledgeable attorneys and lobbyists who previously served as SG leaders.

Unlimited access to the SG Effectiveness Test

See how your SG stacks up against the best in America and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Unlimited access to The Administrator Test

Find out how “SG-friendly” your administrators really are and learn how to improve on SG’s relationship with them.

Unlimited access to the SG Salary Survey

Should SG leaders get paid? Find out how your school ranks with the highest paid student leaders in America. ASGA has compiled data on the compensation offered to SG leaders at more than 1,000 institutions.

Unlimited access to SG Election Resources

Find out how to increase voter turnout, get more candidates to run, avoid election snafus, and switch to Web voting. See reviews of Web-election companies and services, learn about election codes and processes, and more.

Surveys and Polls

ASGA conducts ongoing polls on pressing SG issues. You can take the current survey and see the results from previous ones.

Members-only discounts

  • Members-only discounts on promotional materials for Student Governments, including shirts, pens, mouse pads, coffee cups, banners, yard signs, and more.
  • Discounts on members-only ASGA paraphernalia such as coffee cups, lapel pins, T-shirts, tote bags, bandanas, back-packs, water bottles, ball caps, and more.

Access to exclusive workshop materials

Access to exclusive members-only video and audio DVDs of workshops by The SG Consulting Group.

For more information, contact ASGA at 1-877 ASK ASGA (1-877-275-2742) or